Forging Relationships with Artists and Collectors

In 2021, First Lunar Art Society was founded by Dreamers and Artists as a way to give people the chance to own a piece of history while supporting the Art community.

The Internet supports a massive Art community and holds as the premier place to purchase Art. As Artists we want other Artists to have one of the highest possible platforms imaginable to have their artwork recognized, The Surface of The Moon.
We want to provide a small platform for artists work to be viewed on a month-to-month basis to give as many artists as possible the chance to have their work displayed and bid on and hopefully sent to the moon!

As technology has advanced in the last few decades from the 1960's, we as humas have gone from putting a man on the moon to now in 2022, we have the capability to send parcels to orbit and to the surface of the moon annually.  

As The First Lunar Art Society we want to provide consumers with the ability to own art in the first art gallery on the moon, by way of NFT. The Non-fungible Token you purchase will have an original copy, that we will then send on an accompany payload to orbit around the moon or directly to the surface of the moon itself.  Your NFT purchase will also include the following physical items sent to the purchaser at request:

• Certificate of ownership.

•Custom Print or T-Shirt of NFT/Original Art

•Official Membership Certificate for First Lunar Art Society
•F.L.A.S. Hat and Shirt
•Custom Shirt/Hat/Jacket combo with Lauch date and Lauch Patch.


First Lunar Art Society promotes and showcases the work of Up-and-Coming Artists and Well-Known Artists, Please Check Out Their Work!

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